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2015 HFCHS Boys Soccer


1. All players must wear to all practices the black socks we are selling. JV players will use these socks for games as well. 
2. All players must wear to all practices the black shorts we are selling. JV players will wear these shorts for games as well. Jerseys will be provided by school. 
3. All varsity players must wear to all practices the black training jerseys we are selling. (They need to wait until we pick the varsity team)
4. JV players may wear any white t-shirt to practices. 
5. All varsity players will receive new uniforms provided by school. They will need to buy new home and away socks once we pick the team. They will be able to wear all white socks from previous years but new completely black socks (different from the practice socks) for away games. 
6. Warm-ups are optional but highly recommended especially for varsity players. 
7. We will be selling all of these items on Thursday, August 6, from 6-7pm in the Gym at HF. You can pick up orders that day as well (however warm-ups will be ready in 3 weeks). 
8. Players may buy or pick up orders before the first practice on August 17, in the Gym if preferred. Sizes may be limited. 

Players will not be allowed to practice if they don't follow these requirements.

2015 Season  Key Dates 

  • High School Season Starts--August 17, 2015
  • First week of practice 9am-12 Noon
  • Second week of practice to end of season 3pm-5pm


2015 Preseason Meeting Agenda

1.) Prayer

2.) Welcome and brief overview of the boys program.

3.) Coaches

Jorge Oconitrillo / Head Coach
Nathan Kennedy & Brian Aubrey/ Assistant Coaches

Case Unverzagt / JV Coach 

4.) Beginning this fall, all sports registration is online at

5.) Sportsmanship. It has been a tradition at Holy Family for players and parents to show a great deal of sportsmanship before, during and after games. Spectators that do not comply with this might be asked to leave the premises.

6.) Team selection and FAQ

a.) How many soccer teams are we going to have in 2015? 

- If we have less than 40 players, we will have 2 teams.

- If we have more than 50 players, we will have 3 teams.

- If we have between 40-50 players, we will need to cut players and reduce to 40 total.

b.) Tryouts. Tryouts will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 17-19 from 9-12. The coaching staff will decide who makes the Varsity team (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors), JV Green team (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) and JV White team (freshmen and sophomores) based on skill, fitness and attitude.

c.) When do I practice with my team for the first time? First practice with your team will begin on Thursday, August 14 at 9am.

d.) Can freshmen make the Varsity team? Yes

e.) Do seniors and/or former varsity players have a secure spot in the varsity team? No.

f.) If a player does not make the varsity team, can he still be called up to play for the varsity team during the season? Yes.

g.) Can a player be sent to another team during the season? Yes.

7.) Captains

a.) How are they chosen? The head coach and the assistant coach each pick one player from the previous season to be one of the captains. The team gets to select a third captain once the varsity team is chosen.

8.) Attendance Policy:

a.) Practice requirements. Practice and attendance to games is mandatory. The coach for each team will decide what course to follow if a player misses a practice or a game.

9.) Shinguards: Please read this very important announcement from the Minnesota State High School League website:

- Beginning in Fall 2012, shinguards must have a NOCSAE seal and height range permanently marked on front of shinguard.

10.) Communication with the coaches:

- Please remember to be courteous when addressing the coaches. It is the philosophy of the soccer program at HF to treat all players and parents with respect. We appreciate being treated the same way.

- If a parent has a comment or suggestion for the coach please find the appropriate time to communicate that to us. Before, during or immediately after a game is not the right time to do this. All comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

- Please remember that a player at the varsity level will not receive more playing time just because the parent talked to the coach. If you disagree with the number of minutes your son is playing at the varsity level, the coach might suggest sending your son to the JV team to get more playing time or he might suggest an alternate training program.

11.) Playing time:

- Players will get plenty of opportunities to play in the JV White and Green teams.

- As many of you know, Coach Oconitrillo does not use a lot of substitutions during games. Many players might get a limited number of minutes in 2015. These players will develop their skills during practice and learning from hard-fought varsity contests. These players will be developed to play many more minutes in upcoming days, weeks, months or sometimes years. 



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